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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  February 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the carolina panthers and the denver broncos on the right to an nfl championship, it all comes down to this. good evening on super bowl sunday. heather: you don't have to be at the bath and to appreciate the excitement surrounding this monster matchup. eyewitness news is covering super bowl 50 from both coasts. mark armstrong, joe mazur, and someone else is at the stadium. we are in raleigh and charlotte. let's begin with mark armstrong life in santa clara, california. we have been waiting, and it is finally here. mark: it is finally here. we began way back last saturday with a very windy day here in santa clara. the wind has come back, the panther breeze blowing through the santa clara as we get set for kickoff here at super bowl 50. what a season it has been. panther fans on this early do not want it to end, but everything they have accomplished to this point will really fill empty if they cannot play -- and take down the super
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>> we are new to the scene. a lot of people know who we are. mark: they surely know now. this year's panthers journey began in august with the trials and training camp, but the rotation of the chip was paved over a much longer time frame. >> we have been down and up and back again. i think a lot of it has to do with the group of guys that have been with me from the beginning. mark: cam newton arrived in rivera's first season. >> to win would be awesome for guys like thomas and ryan and charles. guys that have been around a lot. the older guys that have been around for a long time. mark: what does it take to win? belief is one certain elements. >> [indiscernible]
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i love the team that i am on. >> [indiscernible] if you can beat that, good luck. mark: one more game, one more giant step, the world will be watching and the panthers are ready to claim their championship. >> we put ourselves in this position and size denver. we pretty much deserve every single thing, as well as they do. because it is our work. >> we are just trying to win one game. mark: football immortality is the goal. cam newton is the newly minted m.v.p., warming up and custom gold cleats. the biggest game of his life is about to start. back to you guys. heather: an exciting night ahead.
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let's take a quick trip back in time to the panthers only other franchise history. against the new england patriots and houston. little more than a minute left in the fourth quarter. the panthers kicker set up the rather, on a 40 yard line and past down the field. goal. the final score, patriots, 32, panthers 29. heather: that was 2004, but this is 2016. panthers fans jamming into me by stadium, hoping the final score will be in carolinas favor this time. we continue team coverage. we are all hoping the panthers will keep pounding this one final time. >> exactly. this is the moment that panthers fans have been waiting for from a spectacular season to securing
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they say the energy and excitement here in santa clara is everything that they have hoped for and more. it is what this hungry crowd have been waiting for. super bowl 50. panthers fans and their best sunday gear ready to cheer on the cats. the patrick family made the trek from charlotte to be here for the big game, hoping to witness a super bowl win. >> it is incredible. i'm so single to even be here. >> reginald martin kaymer and greensboro, and does not have a ticket, but says does not matter. >> i went 4000 miles to support our team. that is more important than getting into the game. >> the weather is blue here. it is panthers pride, on full display. >> [indiscernible] >> what is going to take to stop
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>> take peyton manning down. >> panther nation believes it is possible. >> we'll give them a touchdown your the intimate peyton manning feel good. >> north carolina governor ever-glory was there to here on the panthers. he believes 2016 is our year. >> north carolina is going to be put on the map here in california and i think people are still underestimating what the carolina panthers can do and they do not know enough about north carolina. >> what thfans do know is this team will be hard to stop. if the panthers fans get a victory, the party will start here in santa clara and the celebration will travel all the way down to charlotte, where a victory parade is scheduled for tuesday, so we are all hoping for a panthers win tonight. live in santa clara, keisha powell, abc 11, eyewitness news. joel: thank you. let's bring you back to the east coast.
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panthers fan around the stadium in athens and charlotte. first, let's check in with angelica alvarez. she is at a jampacked carolina house in brier creek where the fun is just beginning. angelica: it is definitely just beginning. they say it is one of their busiest times, if not the busiest time of the year. take a look at this crowd. there's lots of blue. happy fans are here. go panthers. very excited fans here. thank you for that. a lot of awesome fans here. it is the busiest day for the carolina location. the fans are super excited and a little nervous to see what super bowl 50 will bring for the panthers. >> it is huge. it is potentially peyton manning's last game, people look
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everybody less cam newton and the panthers. it is going to be crazy. angelica: of course, we will be here to see the crowd reaction of the first touchdown. they were excited already to just be on camera. i cannot wait to see what they will do after the first touchdown. we will hang out with them probably all night long. one other porphyry later tonight. -- will have their report for you later tonight. joel: we thank you all from raleigh. we had to uptown charlotte and athens picking up our team coverage from a popular watering hole. just up to wait for big of america stadium. let's talk turkey here, can cam newton a panthers pull this off tonight? charlotte will be rocking.
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[indiscernible] >> the city has a lot of energy. we have the panther stadium right around the corner. >> i want to be where the panthers are. i want the energy that is going to be in charlotte. >> [indiscernible] [indiscernible]
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you can click on the abc 11 mobile app to watch the road to the super bowl. relive every twist and turn from the 20 -- 2015 season. two josh norman's epic showdown. heather: to the weather happening now. breaking news, interstate 95 in johnston county earlier today, those are sleet pellets hitting the windshield. you have just learned that johnston county schools are on a two hour delay tomorrow. the weather might be nice in california, it is a much different story here. we go to this term center with a we can expect for the rest of the night. liz: we will be clearing us to go to the next hours. a few areas getting some light rain right now. sampson county, one of those areas. same for wilson county. fayetteville, in the clear. all of this we pushing eased and heading out to the atlantic ocean overnight. in north hills, really nice picture here. 43. winds from the northeast at
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sleet reports around 1/10 of an inch. raleigh did not see that much. we will likely clear overnight and see things change. more snow flurries in the forecast. we will let you know who will see this and when they will arrive. coming up. joel: in the meantime, a woman is killed while walking down a lake -- wake county highway. heather: net said 6:00, the driver who is responsible. joel: first, a look at levi stadium out in santa clara, california, the countdown to kick off just 20 minutes out.
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>> abc 11 keeping you connected, find us on facebook, like our page, and click that notifications for the latest eyewitness news updates. heather: garner police investigating a hit and run crash that killed a woman. police say she was walking down highway 70 not far from endor springs road when she was hit sometime overnight. her body was found around 8:00 this morning. they have identified the woman, but they have not been able to notify the victims relatives. they also have not been able to release information about a car, just yet. joel: the super bowl fever is reaching outer space. look at this picture of the california landscape, showing me by stadium from space. that is not all. they were facts about how does raise the ball in space and told us that the international space station is about the size of a football field. just in case he did not know, now you know. heather: i'm sure they will be watching. joel: the biggest game in a
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a live look at the raleigh skyline on the super bowl sunday. looking good out there. 43 degrees. some of you may have seen a wintry weather next this morning, maybe some sleet in your neighborhood, that will be
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heather: we'll go toheather: i did not see any sleep this morning. liz: i was out walking my dog and i saw sleet. many of us in the eastern counties had that to deal with. we also have a little bit of a picture. we know little bit about what lady gaga might be going to read this moment. in 2006, [indiscernible] it was an incredible experience, and i know it is a different game this year, obviously. we hope you will hang on and stick around for the forecast. many of you are probably wondering what will happen. we now know that there have been school delays. first alert doppler radar, showers right now pushing into the eastern zone. these all be moving out to see in the next year hours. right now, wayne county down to sampson county getting wet. some have your staff finally going eastward.
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you can see the low-pressure wrapping up. the center of circulation is off of the coast of north carolina, down toward the southern and. cooler temperatures earlier today. some winter weather. can get the curve. drier air is wrapping in the low-pressure. it will bring is a bit of sleet and quite a bit of rain. look at goldsboro, 1.35 inches. fayetteville, 4/10ths of an inch. none reported at rdu. photo. you can see that here. the windshield of the car. good news, that is going away. 43, raleigh. 42, fayetteville and oxford. 41, roxboro.
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down, freezing by 5:00 or six clock tomorrow morning. dress the kids very warm at the bus stop. overnight tonight, likely in the 20's, 28, roxboro. 29, henderson. lower 30's for the final. fayetteville, 33. clearing skies overnight. the winds from the northwest between 5-10 miles per hour will usher in a much drier air mass that will help to evaporate some of the water left on the roads. before monday, we will likely see clouds starting to build throughout the afternoon. you will wake up, see sunshine, not too bad, but by the afternoon, likely in the 50's with a few range are starting to had our way. all of that courtesy of this front, right here, pushing in from the west, and we will likely see showers starting around dinnertime tomorrow, pushing through to the evening hours. behind that, another system comes right on through on tuesday. it does not look to be that much rain with the system. just a little, but we could see some snow flurries on tuesday
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let's take you through first alert predictor, you can see here is the first band of rain we will likely see, around 5:00 or 6:00. the new drive could be somewhat messy. by the time we get to 9:00 or 10:00, the south and north will most likely see heavier rainfall. on tuesday, very light coverage. spotty showers. some could transition into snow flurries if it gets cold enough. we finally clear out on wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, a lot more clear and colder. the upper level is pushing and much colder air. thursday will bottom out. the coldest day that we will see. your forecast is powerback you weather. 51, tomorrow. 45, tuesday. the big drop, only 40 degrees for a high on wednesday. highs top out in the 30's on thursday with overnight lows in the 20's. it does look like at least next weekend, for valentine's day, it might be a cold one.
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your loved ones. heather: a kind of makes you wish you were in california right now. joel: let's get back out to santa clara on this beautiful super bowl sunday. less than 10 minutes away from kickoff. we go to mark armstrong. mark: i will run back inside as soon as we are done here. we told you all week about all of the players that power the panthers on the field to the super bowl this season, but what about the view from the
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>> now, abc 11 eyewitness news sports, sponsored by your local toyota dealers. joel: welcome back everybody. mark: i'm joined by joe. if anybody had told me that the panthers would be 17 and one and favorite in the upcoming super bowl, i would have laughed at them. joe: i found one article that sums it up, when the panthers lost kelvin benjamin, usa today on august, 26, wrote that it was the most painful injury of the preseason, that turned out to be false. it look like the beginning of the end, emerging star kelvin benjamin goes down with an acl injury, usa today wrote, what we were all thinking.
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not only was benjamin, who had nine touchdowns as a rookie, lost for the season, the other receivers are dropping passes left and right. doom seemed destined. the playoffs are slipping away like each cam newton pass. obviously, that was not over -- that was an overreaction. >> we came together as a family. the receiver stepped up. -- [indiscernible] >> is a killing you to not be a part of the? >> it was early on, but once you -- it's the super bowl. >> [indiscernible]
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>> i'm feeling good. joe: benjamin is close to being cleared for all activity. here he is is to let this be a lost season. >> i got when you're off. i had basically a whole year to watch every receiver play in the nfl. to study them. i am taking this from everybody. like i said, it is a learning experience. joe: he gave me a good analogy. he said being here was like seen a drop a stake on the ground that he wanted the whole state. he wants to get back to the super bowl next year. mark: i've never seen two guys in suits sprints. back to you. heather: the panthers look to win it all. >> they actually came the first pro franchise to win a championship. they would left of the panthers
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they played this afternoon. just enter got them off to a good cigar. -- good start. 1-0 lead, until the second. it went to a shoot out. another shot. eric staal looking to extend it, no good. the women's hoops versus wake forest. they looked good for the wolfpack early on. a 10 point lead. they led by two at the half. they would fall in this one on the road to wake forest. unc will be the only team out of the three to win. they broke a seven-game losing streak. joel: hopefully they will not be
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we have a big game coming up in welcome to "world news tonight". just two days till the new hampshire primary, and that fiery republican debate. tonight, the aftershock. can rubio rebound following that
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